1949 Crosley Hotshot

I first saw this little Crosley Hotshot in around 1985, sitting in a back yard in Garden Grove, CA. It disappeared shortly after that and I didn't give it another thought.

About 8 years later I was driving by the same house and there was a little shed in the side yard with the door open. Inside I could see the Crosley! It turned out to be for sale, so I bought it.

This was an early one built in 1949. It had really cool cut-down doors, and no trunk mounted spare. The split windshield is much nicer looking than the flat windshield on the later cars.

The engine used in the Hotshot was a small 4 cylinder with just over 700cc dispacement producing all of 26.5 horsepower. Ultra spartan in appearance, the Hotshot cost just $849 in 1949.

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